CMS360 consists of a framework, online training course, support program and additional tools that have been created to assist a business with operational strategy and business planning. This page outlines some of the different elements of the product. Further details of the benefits and problem we are addressing can be found in the "30 Second Intro" on the home page. Precise details of the program and what's included are detailed on our sales and signup pages.

"Cycle of Success" Ozone Model Framework

The CMS360 framework consists of our three phase "Cycle of Success" called the Ozone Model consisting of Organizational Design, Operational Planning and Operational Management. This revolves around 7 core themes that are made up of 21 topics as shown below.


Benefits of the Program

CMS360 Digital Education Program

Core to this program is our 8 module CMS360 video training program that guides participants through the Ozone Model framework and shows you precisely how to establish your 'Cycle of Success'. We recommend participants watch each module in 2 week intervals to allow time for the work required between each. As such it is typically a 16-week program although it is self-paced and so can be completed faster or extended out much farther. Along with the video course is access to our Facebook Group to allow participants to gain access to the community and field questions as they come up.

Participants will be able to design their organization and operating model as they go so that by the end of the program you have a first-class documented Organizational Design, a clear Operating Plan, and will have established what you need for Operational Management. As will become clear on the course, organizations need a different organizational design depending on the stage of growth. CMS360 provides you the tools and re-usable practices that allow you to re-design your organization year to year as needs change.

CMS360 Workbook and Scorecard

Core to this program is our 8 page CMS360 workbook and scorecard. Quite possibly the single most valuable management tool due to its structure and format if used the way intended. This workbook lasts 3 months and drives management teams to rate themselves across 21 key topics on a monthly basis while making decisions on what to do next. Without such a structure it is common to become reactive to issues or miss out on valuable time making small but essential progress across the business. We thoroughly recommend the paper version and provide professionally printed versions in addition to the ability to print the workbook on a local printer. Professional versions are provided in the format of a booklet. Additional tools are available such as a template Trello board.

The CMS360 workbook is supplemented by Guide Notes that explain the essentials of what to consider across the 21 topics. It is not exhaustive because every business is different but it provides sufficient guidance to allow a less experienced person to get up to speed relatively quickly. Along with forum access we believe teams will be very well prepared to tackle the demands of management review and planing.

CMS360 Live! Site and Blog

The Live! site provides visitors with helpful insight on topics related to the program. This focuses on authored content such as personal interviews that we conduct with CXO's, MD's and others from companies that have succeeded, typically where others have failed. Live! also provides high quality original input from individual experts and leading firms, book reviews, annual report reviews, and other insight valuable to the community. A second Blog page exists with curated content from around the web that we deem to be useful to the community.

CMS360 Guide Notes

The CMS360 Workbook is supported by precise guide notes that clearly identify what needs to be considered across all 7 themes and 21 topics. These notes have been compiled by evaluating best practices and continue to be refined in conjunction with thought leaders, operating businesses, our customers and selected business schools.
Guide Notes have been prepared for each of the 7 themes: Business Model, Creative, Media, Systems, Financials, People, Sustainability. Each lists: related topics, key points to be aware of, definition of terms, recommended outputs/documents, and the requirements to obtain a perfect 10 score for the theme.
Additional guide notes will be available for each of the 21 topics.

CMS360 Live! Facebook Community

The Live! Facebook Community Group site provides periodic updates on what's happening in our network. It's a site for our community members to share experiences and learn from others. We'll also post our own updates such as interviews, reviews of industry panel discussions, and key additions to the framework.
Request to join here: Facebook CMS360 Public Group

CMS360 Members Only Forum

To support the workbook process CMS360 provides an online forum structured in the same way across the 7 core themes. Unsure what it means to create a value proposition statement? Just start a thread on the forum and we'll point you in the right direction. Want someone to critique your business model canvas? Share it with us directly under NDA and get professional input. Productivity gains are immense once you start to collaborate on essential topics that can drive your business forward.
Monthly support to navigate the forums and provide guidance across the CMS360 program can be provided as well.

CMS360 Onboarding and Output Review

Onboarding: To help you make the most of our programmes we can provide an initial in-depth review of your business using the CMS360 framework and provide a written action plan in the form of a completed workbook. We can also provide ongoing support through a 30-minute monthly check-in to help answer any questions related to the program and how to best use the structured approach.
Output Review: 30-minute slots of review time can also be provided to review your outputs, such as a completed business model canvas, value proposition statement, metrics worksheet, process flows, media plans, skills development plans etc.

CMS360 Workshops and Consulting

Workshops: While limited in availability, we have established a series of workshops that take place across the country to introduce the concepts of CMS360 and use the process to review your business and kick start new plans. These workshops are conducted by experienced professionals with at least 10-15 years experience of building businesses. Using the framework of CMS360 is highly productive because the workshop is structured in that way regardless of any one facilitator's personal experience. The focus is on your business and making sure you are prepared for the road ahead.
Consulting: Also limited in availability, we offer some direct consulting to organisations to work with you on specific deliverables or to put a growth program in place. By special arrangement, we can also join your quarterly management meetings as an observer/adviser. The daily rate for this is the same as for the workshops.

CMS360 Coaching Certification

The CMS360 team does not provide coaching or mentoring directly. Instead we work with independent coaches and mentors and invite them to attend a certification training program. Certified coaches will be able to represent the full complement of CMS360 and related services and assist teams and companies to become successful using the methods and practices of the program. Please get in touch if you are looking for coaching or you are a coach and could be interested in becoming certified.

Secure Collaboration Tool

We are able to provide clients with the market leading Microsoft Teams solution. This is a full featured solution for collaboration and ensures that any information is shared and stored securely.

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