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Growing a Multi-Million Dollar Business with a DIY Social Strategy

Joe  is a 24-year digital marketing veteran and is the CEO of Interact Marketing and SlingshotSEO. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kris last month and I’ve captured his key insights here.  I was surprised to see how simple his approach was and wondered how many businesses could be impacted simply by following Kris’s plan instead of merely dabbling with social media in the way they currently do. Here is Kris’s basic social media ‘playbook’ for effective social media marketing: Despite his significant success on Facebook and other social channels, Kris only spends about 2-3 hours a week nurturing the campaign.  Admittedly, he spent significantly more time than that early on, during his self-education, trial and error periods.  However, once he had a basic working model in place, the rest was easy. Following the blueprint that Kris has used, I am confident you will see increase ROI from your social efforts, and you’ll likely enjoy the process. If you have success as a result of the tips in this article please feel free to reach out and let me know. You just may be featured in my next article. Growing a Multi-Million Dollar Business with a DIY Social Strategy

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