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January 4, 2018
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Digital platform strategy: build one before someone else does

Topic: Digital Transformation When you have a complex, multi-layer supply chain, a network of partners and suppliers, and hundreds or thousands of customers who depend upon everything working in sync, you take the threat of digital disruption very seriously. All it takes is a data-savvy player with a highly agile platform to slip into the process somewhere and boom — before you can react, they take over the customer relationship. That’s the primal fear now running through the manufacturing sector, which has been addressing the challenge on two fronts — for some time with digital commerce, and more lately, with the Internet of Things. Taking advantage of all the IoT has to offer may be an overwhelming proposition for many enterprises and their technology teams. For manufacturers, the IoT means developing a new business model, based on after-sales monitoring, updates, precdictive maintenance and other services. The question is how to go about such an undertaking. There is the build-it-yourself option. Digital platform strategy: build one before someone else does

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