CMS360 High Performance Formula

Fast-Track Coaching for Sales, Operations, Strategy and Funding To Build A Successful High Growth Business

The CMS360 High Performance Formula is a 7 step system to go from idea stage to funding to profitability. The problem we help solve is that 97% of startups will not exist past 5 years. Explore the 7 steps highlighted below and get in touch for a no obligation call to explore how we can solve your challenges and prepare you for your journey.

High Performance Formula 7 Part System
High Performance Formula 7 STEP SYSTEM FOR STARTUPS
Clarity of Vision and Market Strategy
Validated Execution Model
Build Required Traction
Build Investor and Customer Community
Angel/Seed/Venture Ready Company
Capital Raising via HubX (3000+ Investors)
Self-Paced Modules
Daily Coaching Support via Online Group
Weekly LIVE Q&A
B2B: $500,000 Pipeline (Pre-seed)
B2B: $1m Pipeline and $2k-$10k MRR (Seed)
B2B: $5m Pipeline and $10k-$100k MRR (Series A)
B2C: 50,000 Community (Pre-seed)
B2C: 1m Community and $2k-$10k MRR (Seed)
B2C: 5m Community and $10k-$100k MRR (Series A)
Completed Seed or Growth Capital Rounds

Capital Raising

Access to 100+ Seed Funds, Venture Funds, Family Offices and Angel Groups via Our HubX Private Network

We are building a private investor network of 100+ funds and Angel investment groups using the HubX platform. This is a London Stock Exchange endorsed platform that maintains the highest confidentiality and control over the capital raising process and the highest discretion with respect to investors. Deals are first placed on the platform and then only relevant investors and funds are invited to review the opportunity. The deal placement is managed by our own investor relations expert.

Zero to One Marketing Solutions

A Range Of Selected Partner Solutions And Services To Get The Traction You Need

To support our clients we have methods and relationships that can assist clients to achieve the traction needed. This includes: sales training; online funnel development; paid advertising on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Bing and LinkedIn; editorial PR; email marketing; social media pipeline development; website audit and SEO; brand design; video production and photography and software development.

In addition to paid advertising, we also recommend social media pipeline marketing to generate leads for free by entering into conversations with prospective buyers and we recommend a variety of other means to drive traction including traditional sales, events and public relations activities.

Double Satisfaction Guarantee

All digital products and coaching programs come with an unconditional 30 day full money back guarantee and a second guarantee for the results you can achieve. We only ask that you provide feedback on your experience and recommendations for improvement. In all cases we want you to be completely satisfied with your investment.

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